Felicia’s Cancer Story

Felicia’s Cancer Story

Felicia Allen cancer story

This information is a resource to be used for educational purposes in the promotion of healing and well-being through the use of good health practices, nutrition and natural therapies. You too can activate your body’s natural ability to heal itself. After choosing to discontinue chemotherapy, it is my goal to share with others what I’ve learned along the way to aid in their journey to health and wellness. Helping others see the possibilities and empowering them with the tools to take control of their health is indeed my life’s passion. I have collected, adapted and applied natural healing practices to my daily routine for more than 6 years. My family, friends and colleagues have all benefited and so can you! After making the life-changing decision to educate and later heal me of stage 4 cancer, I embarked on a campaign to help others do the same thing.

Felicia's Journey Diatolife

The natural ingredients that I use daily to maintain my health have been formulated into an easy to use powder. I gave my body exactly what it needed to heal and I watched my health improve like magic! We bombard our bodies daily with processed foods, synthetic chemicals, stressful lifestyles and more. Our bodies were simply not created to handle this level of attack. The key to balancing through life and maintaining an awesome strong body is to keep the toxins moving out of the body on a daily basis. We can also build and boost immune systems by incorporating quality, plant-based supplements, exercise, clean eating and freshwater into our daily regimen.

Be well, my FRIENDS!

Felicia All B4 and After

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