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Felicia’s Cancer Story

This information is a resource to be used for educational purposes in the promotion of healing and well-being through the use of good health practices, nutrition and natural therapies. You too can activate your body's natural ability to heal itself. After choosing to discontinue chemotherapy, it is my goal to share with others what I've [...]

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Weight Loss Before and After

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Diato for Pets

Internal use:Adding Diato for Pets supplement to your Dogs and Cats can Eliminate:— Roundworms— Whipworms— Pinworms— HookwormsExternal use:— Control External Parasites, Like Fleas And Flies— Kill Any Ticks And Eggs In Fur— Be Applied To Your Pet’s Fur — Or to the bedding and carpet areas,Wherever Your Pet Lies Down

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Diatomaceous Earth Benefits

Detoxifies the body. Helps purify water. Fights parasites. Kills insects and other harmful substances in your home. Improves joint, bones and ligaments health. Helps clean and protect skin, nails and teeth.

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The Wonder Supplement

Diato Life has an awesome detox supplement. The Wonder Supplement detoxify your body using minerals and vitamins. Your body is meant to detoxify naturally. Well, vitamins and minerals are certainly critical, but often time we forget the incredible power of minerals when it comes to our health. The body needs energy and to produce energy, [...]

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Heavy Metal Detox

Diato Wonder Supplement is an internal detoxification dietary supplement – it remove toxins, heavy metals, and cleanses digestive tract. No matter what you do, you may not be getting the essential nutrition your body needs. In fact, MOST people are deficient in many trace minerals because soils and foods are deficient of many minerals and [...]

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